Sunday, 23 January 2011

Design Project A: Final Look At The RSA Project-2

After a semester of working finally RSA project is over. However I couldn't feel really done until I post my boards to the blog. When I was preparing my boards I thought that my booklet is crowded enough that is why I choose to prepare them as simple and intelligible as possible. So I use white back ground and just a couple of necessary information on the boards. Moreover with the sketch book, since I my work is already about making a booklet, I didn't want to make it like book I just take some pictures which shows my process and use some of my maps and I tie them with a simple string. While I was working on the third board I couldn't use my original layout it is because I want present the related pages together, so I have played with the original layout a little. And after I created my packaging I started to think this project more a like "What Do We Throw Away Pack" rather than a simple booklet. Consequently, I am happy with my progress and final results, I really hope that we all get great grades for this semesters work.

My first board, also the cover of my booklet.

My second board, the first section is more about informing people.

My third board and second section of the booklet which is for inspiring readers.
My fourth board, a campaign without a web page and an app is unthinkable today.

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