Sunday, 23 January 2011

Design Project A: Final Look At The RSA Project-1

I didn't prefer to prepare my sketch book like a real book it is because my RSA project was already a booklet itself. Therefore I use some of the pictures I took during I manufacture the ideas and most pf my maps. Manufacturing the ideas-especially the umbrella skirt-was so much fun, I always love to see my ideas coming to life. However I am happy that first semester is over, and hope the second semester is going to be as fun and as challenging as the first one.

A sample from my sketch book "the umbrella skirt" was so much fun to do!

I find the right suitcase at the very last minute and breaking it is harder than it looks.

I think that the shirt bag is creative and playful.

I love the card pick because it is very innovative and easy to do!

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