Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Business for Design: Via Grafic Studios

During last semester I wasn't quiet done with my logotypes, therefore instead of getting lost with the old ones I decided to came up with a new name and start all over again. Originally I thought that "Via Grafic Studios" is not just narrative at the same time sounds good! So "Grafic" is a combination of Turkish and British versions of the word "Graphic". Moreover this time I want to keep things as simple as possible because the desire of making something very different make me lost my a little throughout this process. In this manner I started to play around a little with my favorite fonts and search for a simple harmony. Consequently I came up with two versions of the same design.

Via Grafic Studios first logotype

Therefore I believe that this logotype is simple and strong, it can be adapted to many environments and it is improvable with variations. And I think I can develop a good looking corporate identity with this logotype.

Via Grafic Studios second logotype

The second logotype emerged while I was working on the first one's variations. Normally I am not a big fan of sans-serif fonts however I love the form of this one and I exaggerate the curves a little. Even though I like the first one more this doesn't looks so bad either!

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