Friday, 26 November 2010

Design Project A: Layouts For My RSA Project

Originally after I build my concept, context and minifesto, I worked a bit on the layouts of my book and web page. Therefore I develop three design concepts but each of them are quiet similar it's because I started to have very specific ideas about the project.

First concept for "What Do We Throw Away".

The notion behind the first book cover I make is to illustrate the title of "What Do We Throw Away" as strong as possible for the audience. Moreover the picture of the garbage pale is going to be at the second page thus I will carve the image of the rubbish bin from the card board to show the second page. Besides Peter give me the best idea while I was presenting my work to use this carving idea as page dividers. Therefore I will use this kind of images carved from card board for each section with different objects, that I want to make disappear. The size I am using is B5 and I will be as green as possible with the whole printing process in order to serve the spirit of the project.

The second concept of my project.

After my presentation today, I started to feel like this cover was like a air bag for me. It is simple, it didn't convey many ideas and it is more like a real book that you can see every book store. Not using this will be leaving my comfort zone for me. However I do like the pattern of the cover which is the inside of a real garbage container. After I took the picture, I blend it a little to not to make it look very sharp. And the result is this. Ps. Some of the pictures didn't belong to me.

The most graphic cover of my project.

I develop this cover to grab attention with a more graphic and individual way. As I build the context of my book I was planing to re-arrange the icons I used on the cover to be more narrative about the context. Moreover this cover can allow me to save great deal of energy with the printing because it is only one color and I can use mono-printing machine which is the oldest and greenest one of all the printers.

First sample for the internal pages.

While I was working on this concept my aim was to make it useful, simple and communicational. Therefore I used a very simple image of a person who is riding a bike and illustrate the manual of my idea in a very explanatory way. Originally I am planing to use three main sections for each of ideas; The Problem, The Solution and To Start With. The problem will deliver basic and true information about each problem I handle in my book and with the solution section my aim to teach people how to catch a fish instead of giving one. Basically I am hoping to convey information about other options besides my solution to my audience. And the last section I will use my illustrations to describe people how to manufacture the ideas I developed. Thus I will work on this section more to improve it to the top level.

The second concept for internal pages.

The web page and the Iphone application are the two most strong tools for my campaign. Therefore people will reach the book via web and their smart phone to download it. So except a couple of samples the book is not aimed to be printed, it is a virtual device for reading it with Ipad or on computer. Furthermore I don't want this campaign to have any kind of profit motivation so I will make everything free to inspire people by setting an example with the notion of giving a service people in exchange of participation and attention.

My web page and Iphone application designs.

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