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Design Research Methods: 20/20 Presentation

I have always find movie posters and trailers more interesting than movies itself and I have been collecting those innovative artworks for many years. It's because I find the art of narrating big stories on one page-one second-very amazing. Therefore, I decided to put together my best movie posters ever, for 20/20 presentation.

Slide.2.The Man With The Golden Arm-Saul Bass-1955
The designer of this poster is father of a movement, which shaped the style of movie posters forever. Saul Bass was a graphic designer and Academy Award wining filmmaker. He worked for Alfred Hitchcock, Otto Preminger, Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese during his 40-year-career. The movie's theme was the struggle of a jazz musician played by Frank Sinatra-to overcome his heroin addiction. Bass featured an animated black paper-cut-out of a heroin addict's arm. Knowing that the arm was a powerful image of addiction. Bass had chosen it rather than Sinatra's famous face-as the promotion poster. That paper-cut-out arm caused a sensation and Saul Bass reinvented the movie as an art form.
Slide.3.Vertigo-Saul Bass-1958
For Alfred Hitchcock, Bass provided effective, memorable title sequenced, employing kinetic typography. His optical techniques and innovative perspective made Bass a revolutionary graphic designer. As you can see he had assşgned the whole narrative of the movie with one striking piece of artwork.
Slide.4.A Clockwork Orange-Bill Gold-1971
Bill Gold is known for being the man behind the campaigns for the greatest movies the world has ever seen. His life's work spans six decades and over two thousand films and A Clockwork Orange is one of his most remarkable works.
Slide.5.Blade Runner-John Alvin-1982
The designer of this poster, John Alvin, created film posters which are also known as key art, means using the most striking image of the movie on the poster. One of the most cinematic posters was his work for the iconic Spielberg movie E.T. He's style was more illustrative rather than typographic art which hasn't been used too much anymore however he is a very important icon of a certain movement through the poster design history.
Slide.6.American Beauty-Pulse Advertising-1999
In late 80's, with the developments in the computer technology the movie industry started to work with advertising agencies rather than individual artists to promote movies more effectively. So Pulse Advertising is one of the leading companies in the business whom made the marketing and design of the most cult movies of '90s. I believe the poster of American Beauty is an icon, which describes '90s generation perfectly and certainly evokes curiosity.
Slide.7.Donnie Darko-KO Creative-2001
In the beginning of  '90s the poster work basically turn into a billion dollar advertising industry, the promotion of the movies aren't limited with the posters any more the agencies release uncountable teasers, web pages, TV advertisements and many other marketing tools. KO Creative is also one of the leading companies, they are working with Fox Televisions and Disney Channel thus the promotion of Donnie Darko was one of their first works. I really like this poster because "to find the rabbit you need to collect the pieces" and the poster refers to this slogan perfectly.
Slide.8.Ocean's Trilogy-Neville Brody-BE Design
In my point of view this poster is one of the best works of Brody. It really influences me that he didn't use the pictures of the huge Hollywood starts casted in the movies rather he used simple typography with a lovely color scheme and let those names present themselves.
Slide.9.Artificial Intelligence:A.I.-Intralink Film Graphic Design-2001
With an enourmous budget, perfect story by Kubrick and long list of producers A.I. couldn't became a cult movie. However the poster of the movie was the most successful part of this whole production for me. I really like the typographical game and I love the idea that the "A" stands for human and the "I" which stands for robots comes out of it.
Slide.10.Sin City-BLT Associates-2005
Sin City is already very famous for its artwork, which draws heavily from film-noir, including its use of shadows and dark backgrounds. Black and white are the sole colors. Partial color usage is designed to draw attention to a certain character in the story. Since the movie was adapted from a comic novel it was a very graphic production and the poster captures the essence of the whole concept very well.
Slide.11.Les Chansons D'Amour(Love Songs)-All City Media-2007
All City Media is an innovative corporation, which gives movie advertisements a very unique perspective. They win the Screen International UK Marketing And Distribution: Best Poster Award this year. What makes them different is they combine vintage, hand-made illustrations and modern computer technologies in posters quiet successfully.
Slide.12.The Cake Eaters-Gravillis Inc.-2007
This poster is a good sample of beginning of a certain trend. Letting the audience have a peak to the crucial scenes of the movie. And I believe the fade colors and the close shot describes the emotion of the movie very good.
Slide.13.True Blood-Bemis Balkind-2008
The strategy was to create an event around the highly-anticipated second season premiere with a big and bold announcement. The tree ads, each with different taglines, feature the same graphic imagery, the Season 2 start date and HBO logo. The campaign included heavy saturation of outdoor media in New York and Los Angeles and national print and online media, which bring them the Effie Award this year. With the successful teasers and the campaign True Blood is more like a brand rather than a TV series.
Slide.14.Valkyrie-BLT Associates-2008
The poster of Valkyrie is so simple and strong. I love that they used the blue prints at the background it really supports the military concept of the movie and the balance of the contrast makes pictures at the front a lot more stronger.
Slide.15.Precious-Ignition Creative-2009
Precious is very vintage looking, Saul Bass style poster thus it delivers the emotional feeling of to the audience perfectly. You can see that the image at the front-Precious-is falling apart, because of the external effects. Therefore, the poster gives key concept to the audience with one image-in one second.
Slide.16.Watchmen-Mojo Design-2009
I am not a huge fan of technologically developed images but for a movie like Watchmen I believe there is no other way. However the design studio didn't follow the usual path for the posters and they add a sketch touch which makes them different and they refer to the comic book better.
Slide.17.Soul Kitchen-Alternate Design-2009
I just love the title of the movie very much. According to me poster is not very unique however the color combination and the playfulness of the illustration is in a very good harmony with the concept of the movie. The budget of the production was quiet low thus they managed to create something different anyway.
Slide.18.From Paris With Love-Ignition Creative-2010
The marketing of the movie is one of my favorites because the posters are developed from a very strong combination of typography, photography and comp. technology. And the gun with the Eiffel tower is just brilliant.
Slide.19.For Colored Girls-Ignition Creative-2010
For Colored Girls-One Color Many Voices is a million dollar campaign, which supported by an interactive web page and many teasers. I love the way that they promote each actress individually with a facial expression that gives audience am idea about their character. And the main poster they use an illustration which is quiet ironic, couse its formed from many colors.
Slide.20.Another Year-All City Media-2010
This poster grabbed my attention at the tube station, it was standing out among lots of other posters. It is very simple and beautiful and I love the way that the title treatment appears to have grown. You can see the tree is divided into the four seasons - spring at the bottom, with leaves and flowers on the branches, summer next, then autumn with brown and orange leaves, fading into winter at the top with branches. The shovel and fork symbolise a relationship between two people and a human element.

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