Sunday, 17 July 2011

Major Project: Concept Development - Swapping!

Currently I'm thinking that I am done with the research process for the major project. In this manner, I have started to focus on necessary concept developments for the Swapping project. I feel that the major project should be the signature, the stepping stone for my portfolio, that is why it is crucial for me to get out of my comfort zone and create something that I have never done before. Unfortunately with the designs below, I couldn't achieve that goal yet, so I am still working on the concept research, however I believe that they were necessary steps for research to figure out how my results look like.

Swapping, Illustration for Store Glasses, Sticker

I decided to design two separate web sites, which are mainly focusing on individuals and retail. Therefore, swapping is the language of the 21st century, it is aiming confident, caring and open minded people, so the interface design must reflect this spirit to its users. My illustration approach is more close to the vintage style with my color palette and shapes, therefore I changed my mind about using illustrations with the design concept. I will try to develop a more typographic language for the project.

Swapping, Web Site Home Page, Individual

While I was working on the layouts below and above, I figure out that merging all social networks in one platform is quiet challenging because of the lack of space and distinguishing the lines between different platforms. That is why I decided to design a separate interface to create more user-friendly network. Consequently, Swapping brand needs a totally innovative, futuristic, and a peculiar language in order to speak to the right audience. From this point I will focus on designing a voluble typographic language and build my concept around this modern language.

Swapping, Web Site Home Page, Retail

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