Sunday, 17 July 2011

Experimental Illustration, Vol.2

I have been working some illustrations in my free time, and I am really enjoying the time I have spend on those images. I am hoping that I had some progress since my first illustrations, however it is not very easy to decide the color palette, the shapes and their positions. I am developing those images mostly on Photoshop with the help of my drawing tablet and it is amazing to discover what you can do when you position right shadows and highlights at the right places.

Little Treasures, Vintage Shop, Poster, 500x700mm

It's much more easy to create woman's silhouette rather than man's. And I really like to exaggerate the neck line and legs a little, this gives the images a different, kind of a cartoon touch I believe. Therefore, I'm having a hard time to create a signature style, because I'm keep discovering new aspects of illustration, as much as I study the body moves, especially the hands. I am hoping that I will have a certain approach in time.

Prim and Polished, That's how I like it!, Poster, 500x700mm

Prim and Polished, Retro Shop, Poster, 500x700mm

The image above is my favorite so far. It was so much fun to work on this one, and I also love designing the clothes as well. Moreover, I believe that faded colors fit really well if you want to create a vintage effect on your illustrations. I love those two greens, hope I can capture the soul of vintage and 50s in all images.
For more illustrations please check:

Vote for the 50s!, Poster, 500x700mm

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