Saturday, 25 June 2011

Major Project: Concept Development - Swapping!

I have started to work on concept developments for Swapping branding, and I find it more easy to design logotypes on business cards or letterheads because that way the design looks more realistic and I can get an opinion on how the logo works with text and color. For this, identity below, I was inspired by the Facebook and Twitter's branding. Moreover, the main idea behind Swapping identity is to create a trust platform between the audience and the brand which is essential considering brand’s service field. In this manner, the form of the Swapping logo will stand out among similar organizations with it’s energetic, young but respectable form.

Furthermore, collaborative consumption takes its roots from former generation's consuming habits, which were consisted from bartering and sharing between acquaintance public. In order to serve this notion, Swaping identity carries the retro-vintage spirit with its typeface and merges it with a contemporary typeface, which allows design to speak a complex variety of audiences. Also, the design may show flexibility for different sectors the organization involves with, such as retail and individual.

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