Saturday, 4 June 2011

Major Project: Research - More Collaborative Consumption

I definitely don't want to stuck on one idea for my major project, however the Collaborative Consumption inspired and influenced me very much. Nowadays sharing is happening in incredible rates. Every second 25 hours of Youtube video will be loaded, people in Tanzania don't have water in their villages, but they have Facebook. So why not using the benefits of modern age for connecting people even more. While I was searching about the issue I find a very interesting article of the economist Thomas Friedman from the New York Times, he was saying "With the economic crises, the mother nature and the market both said no more". And I couldn't agree more with him, because I certainly believe in the power of sharing resources, time, skills and money. I observe that for our generation, relationship to satisfying what we want is far less casual than any other previous generations. What I am trying to say is when I buy a DVD, I don't want the shiny circle, I want the movie or music in it. That means I only want the experience, not the product so when I satisfy my need with the product, I can easily swap it with something else. This system is more sustainable and economic comparing to buying something new. Consequently "access is much better than ownership".

Major Project, Maps, Collaborative Consumption, Vol.3

However, the field is very competitive and I need to find a way to differ this solution from similar service companies, connect it to people and create a service out of this amazing movement.

WhipCar, Available from:
Barclays Cycle Hire, Available from: http://www.tfl
Ecomodo, Available from:
Zopa, Available from:
Landshare, Available from:
Crashpadder, Available from:
Somewhereto, Available from:
Netcycler, Available from:
Swishing, Available from:
Lourish, Available from:
What’s Mine Is Yours, Available from:

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