Friday, 17 June 2011

Major Project: Research - Social Networks - Research

After making a brief research about collaborative consumption, l believe that the subject has a potential and l can build a project based on that. So I have written a detailed brief outlining the concept and context.

Introduction - The Collaborative Consumption Campaign
In 21st century modern world, social networks are an indispensable part of our lives, we are sharing our personal pictures, hours of videos or politic opinions at online platforms. Originally what I am trying to achieve with my major project is to create a platform which will connect all the networks we are using into one common platforms and channel people swap or share their experiences, time, objects, events and many other things. But l believe that I need to deal with this project as a campaign rather than one single platform. That way I can speak to a larger audience and make a radical difference. 

The Design Objectives
The proposition for the project is designing a fresh solution which will reduce consuming. Therefore, my plan is to design an identity for swapping or sharing, to make those abstract terms more tangible, place them into our daily lives and give them real brand value. In this manner what I am trying to communicate is the trend on 21st century, collaborative consumption, peer-to-peer revolution based on trust because I strongly believe that this is ideology is not temporary and it will help us to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Thus, I am definitely against creating and selling new products, this campaign is going to be a solution for a global problem and help people get awareness about hyper consumption.

Target Audience/Market
I decided to separate the campaign into two main sectors which are "individual" and "retail". Individual chapter of the campaign is at the center because the main purpose is to offer a practical, culturally appropriate, scalable, and sustainable solution that will create a chain among people. And retail sector is going to be a part of private companies CSR policy and a platform that will support the campaign and make it more accessible for individuals. Moreover, each sector will have its own design elements and business plans in order to address them properly. To expand my research and see what I am dealing with, I put together a small map social network users, which give me clear focus of my target audience.

Major Project Maps, Collaborative Consumption, Vol.5
According to online activities, age groups, ethnics and language, I divided the individual section of the campaign into three different age groups. Moreover all the age groups have different interests and they all require different treatment. Consequently my target audience ranking is the following:
1. Individuals
    a. Generation Z  12 to 17

    b. Generation Y  18 to 40
    c. Generation X  40 to +62
2. Retail - Local Shops - Charity Shops
3. Corporations

There aren't any similar campaign focusing collaborative consumption so far, and since the research related to the subject has been done by authors, sociologist, ecologists or economist, despite it's great potential, it hasn't got any brand value yet.

The Design Elements
The deliverables will shape during the research, however the must haves are the following:
1. Branding, a catchy identity for the abstract ideology.
2. A campaign will help me to launch the brand with printed promotional materials - posters, flayers, etc.
3. An event for introduction of the campaign.
4. Interface design - for the software and smart phone application to connect social networks each other.
5. A booklet that will briefly explain the ideology and lead people to the brand.
6. A package which will put all launching materials together for both individuals and shop owners.

Project Plan
All concept & design developments, production and printing should be finished in 78 days. After I am done with research and branding during June and July, I will work full time at August to finalize the project. And I am hoping that I will be done with prototypes at the mid-July for concept testing.

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