Monday, 30 May 2011

Experimental Illustration

Since I know myself I am a huge fan of all kinds of cartoons. I still watch vintage classics like; Jetsons or Flinstones and try to keep up with the new cartoon networks. Therefore here is some experimental illustrations I have been working on to find out what I can do. Before I started my degree here, I have given up drawing a long time ago. Still it is a little intimidating for me, however I am enjoying to see what you can make from simple shapes at photoshop very much.

Julia's ice-cream - Can I?

While I was working on those images I find out that creating new characters is much more fun and easy than working on the background. After searching, some Nickelodeon cartoons -which was a very enjoyable research- and illustrators, I release that different cartoons for different age groups have common styles and languages. However, I still like the vintage look without too many patterns and 3D effects like Jimmy Neutron, which is a good character but watching that cartoon for too long just exhausts me. 

Balloon-Boi is afraid of all kinds of germs and accidents!

Those characters I have been working on may not be related to my major project and they are still very unfinished. But working on those kind of illustrations turned out to be my new passion which I discovered after working on Roger Mad.

The butcher - Well he likes to cut-mostly-things...

To the Batmobile! I am too tired for walking...

I also like to read about celebrates and their mysteries lives such as; Marilyn Monroe, Kennedy's or Elvis Presley. Moreover, Monroe was the one who grabbed my attention the most. Her incredible beauty brought her nothing but misery. And I wanted to make a project about her unfortunate death since the early years of collage, called "Marilyn's Grave". So the image below is a very simple photo-collage, but I tried to make it simple and powerful.

Marilyn's Grave

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