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Critical Debates In Design: Task 8.2: Ten Things I've Learned

Always Feed Your Imagination
I believe that a person without imagination is like an empty shell. And when you are
studying design you need to keep that world very much alive most of the time.
Because now it is really hard to create something has never been done before,
something innovative and different and all you can do is feeding your eye and
imagination and hope for the best. I am not a huge fan of galleries and art shows, I
don’t even understand the modern art as I supposed to. I always count on my inner
world, which inspired by a weird thing deficiency. Because I don’t want to design
unnecessary products or fancy campaigns that has already been done by other
people and didn’t function properly. So I search for the real gaps of the society, which
can be filled by design. That is why I have been working on projects that can solve
environmental issues; they are biggest gap our generation, which can’t fill yet. And
those two semesters thought me that, if you want to educate someone you must start
that as young as possible. Therefore, with my last project my target group is the
children age between 7-12 so they can became considerate adults in the future and
won’t damage the environment like we do.
I Love Drawing
Since I was a small child I have a very wide imagination and I have always daydream
about eccentric characters and new worlds in my mind but I can never reflect them
onto the paper or screen properly. I always thought that I didn’t have the talent and
the patient to illustrate. So I have convinced my self that to illustration and graphic
design has nothing in common, because I was so intimated with the whole concept of
setting myself free and just drawing randomly. But the progress of the projects made
me find a pencil and a sketchbook to focus my ideas, and I am very glad that it did. I
started with small icons, which was easier to draw, and then I sketched human
figures and basic objects. After gaining enough confidence, it was so easy for me to
reflect my drawings into the projects and carry them into a new level with design
interfaces. Now I am more confident about drawing because I release that nothing
has to be perfect. My illustrations are mine and they are a piece of my imagination.
Thus, my new goal is to improve myself on animation and make a short cartoon with
the characters I have created.
Mapping Is Important
I have never heard about mind mapping before I started this module and I always
had hard time to focusing my ideas, keeping it realistic and finding effective solutions.
The first time I have asked to create a map, it sound a little unnecessary to me, but I
tried to make a couple of maps anyway to see how are they going to work. And now
mapping and writing my ideas is indispensable for me. It is because I am not very
focused person, noting my ideas or sketch some illustrations during the day gives me
a whole new perspective about my projects and I can work much faster that way. So
I will never break up with my agendas and sketchbooks again.
Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!
I studied graphic design for four years before I started my degree in London. And
when I am looking back I release that I have never set myself free or do anything
randomly. I always calculate the risk factors in my head and plan the safest trip for
me to get guaranteed results. But I believe that I took some risks and tried to made
different things this year. It is not only because I am well aware of the fact that this is
my last year as a student to design things outside the boundaries but also I wanted
to push myself to explore my limits. But during this journey I release that it is not
about the limits or success, it is all about having fun, loving what you do, this is
crucially important. Thus, I feel so lucky that I love my job enough to handle some
Do The Best You Can
And don’t care about the rest. I think this is very important lesson, to have confident
on your work. I wasn’t very good with judgements for the past years and I am sure
every designer can understand this because I commit myself fully to every project I
took and I might be a little fragile about the criticism sometimes. But now I can see
that, what designers do is for a public, to serve something and create a difference.
So it should not be only for my pleasure, it must speak for everyone. And at this point
getting other people’s opinions is very important to accomplish that. So being
resentful about opinions or taking things personal is just naïve. I believe should be
seeking for criticism to find the gaps in the society to fill and the hardest problems to
come up with the best solutions for everyone. Moreover, I don’t believe in the word
sufficient, achieving obligations in the minimum is never good enough for me. I need
to add a touch that makes my project stand out. And I believe the clients will
appreciate something new or extra added to the projects and this will carry the work
into a new level. So, as long as I trust my work and did the best I can no comment
can harm me only make me wiser.
Enjoy Your Projects
I have the terrible habit of stressing myself about almost everything. And I think
sometimes this keeps me to use my full potential. But as a designer I must be able to
stay calm, work on complex projects, team work and have fun. Therefore, I believe
that I have developed some solutions for my anxieties through out this year. Firstly,
the mapping and mock-ups helped a lot, to draw a road plan for my projects and
predict rough results, which comforts me a lot. Besides, I always thought the worst
thing about graphic design was sitting in frond of a computer for hours. And during
the RSA project, I see that I can change this. I go out and talked with people to test
my project or to find an inspiration more than ever which turned my project into an
interactive approach aiming changing behaviour patterns and I find human contact
very useful too. Moreover, I believe that if I enjoy what I am doing the audience of the
project will get that feeling of playfulness and happiness too. All in all, I learned how
to keep it cool except the printing days!
Social Issues
When I first saw the name of this module “Critical Debates In Design”, I was really
curious about the context of the subject. But at the end of the semester I realize that
social issues on design are as important as the design itself. All the movies that we
watched about the environment, the global warming and big companies’ approaches
about their corporate social responsibility policies make me think about the issue
deeply. Thus, I was very disappointed when I searched about the CSR policies some
of the companies that I have trusted for many years. Moreover reading Ken
Garland’s manifesto “First Things First” was an eye opening experience. In this
manner, I strongly support the idea of refusing to work for anything I do not believe. I
know that I might not have this option all the time in my future life, but I would never
try to sell something, which might have a negative influence on its audiences.
Marketing should not mean fooling people; it can only be an announcement or
promotion, which present the product in an honest way. Consequently, what Milton
Glaser said at his essay “ Ten Things I Have Learned” is a hundred percent true; you
should share the same common ground with the client that you are working for. I
hope I can be that lucky.
Design And Environment
I had to write about environment because I have studied on this subject almost every
module through out this year. But besides my personal interest on the subject, what I
have learned about the affect of design on environment during this module did not
please me at all. Because I always thought that as designers we are here to solve
problems not create new ones. But with the packaging issues, unnecessary adult
toys, which we compete for marketing constantly, I see that we are not helping to the
solution, only thinking our own advantages. I think being selfish is not special for
graphic designers it is the sickness of our generation. Since 80s we born into a
terrible world with countless economic crises, global warming and no money, our
primitive self-defence feelings tells us to “Save your self first, than you can help
others”. But I don’t want to listen that sound, I refuse to pollute the world with
designing colourful packages for shopaholic people of this century. In this manner
Victor Papanek’s book “Design For The Real World” helped me to build a perspective
about the subject. That incredible man predicted the problems that we are suffering
today, because of the over consuming, forty years ago. And the correctness of his
theories proves me that the future is not going to be brighter, because we are not
doing anything about environment, worst global warming. However, I still believe in
people and the idea that we can reverse the damage we cause, by learning how to
live with the nature. All in all I will always use my skills to find real solutions and I will
not allow my beliefs disappear in the search of self-survival.
Ready For A Real Job
It took me a lot of time to write this sentence because l love being a student very
much. They are the most enjoyable and carefree years of one’s life, and finding a
fulltime job means working for someone else, which may be very hard sometimes,
having office hours, paying bills yourself but most importantly growing up. I guess l
tried to avoid that as long as l can but those two semesters l have spent studying this
module made me release that now l am ready. I want to see my work published,
children enjoying my illustrations; maybe one on day seeing my posters on
billboards, even the idea makes me very excited. And I never think small or avoid
hard work I have always had big dreams about my career and making a real
difference on the design world and people’s lives at least in my country. I know that I
will start from the bottom and I need to work hard to get to the point that I want but I
am more focused than ever and I am ready to make a difference!
I Want More!
After leaving two semesters behind, I am convinced that graphic design occupation is
definitely the right one for me. Because I am enjoying every minute I study and every
piece of design and typography I see. My friends from other departments study at the
library with heavy books and tons of coffee just for the ideas that someone threw out
years ago. But design is nothing like that. Of course I am also reading books and
visiting galleries to improve my accumulation of knowledge and to find inspiration.
But I have the opportunity to create something new, something useful, something
beautiful and I’m in love with that chance.

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