Thursday, 25 November 2010

Design Research Methods: Task 5: A MINIFESTO - Project Outline

This week I was really focused on my RSA concept, therefore I wanted to create a context and concept for my brief. So I flicked through bunch of design books and porfolios of famous designers then I release that the concept is not about corporate identity or a simple book. It is all about creating a Manifesto, a thought. For me deciding the colors or picking the font family is not that hard however building a philosophy is extremely hard. So I worked hard and think carefully on "What is important for me as a designer?" and "What is important for me as a designer about this project?". Thus I decided that I am too immature to create a Manifesto for me or my project, so I titled my ideas on this project under "Minifesto". I really love the name and the idea, it is mini like me as a designer, you can't became Paula Scher over a night. Therefore here is my Minifesto-I Want-on RSA project-Make Something Disappear;
1. I want to make good design, sustainable and communicational.
2. I want this book to be useful, simple and trustful.
3. I want to change common custom patterns between objects and people by increasing flexibility and options.
4. I want to believe that people still care and they will participate.
5. I want this book to be childish and playful.
6. I want to use every possible tool to communicate people because that is the essence of both marketing and design.
7. I certainly don't want this campaign to have any profit motivation at all. How can you inspire people about re-using if you make them buy new stuff?
8. I want to show people that "You can't make anything disappear!". No matter where you throw it away, the waste will still be there probably after a million years later.
9. I want to remind people that "Old is useful".
10. I want people to remember the beauty of working together-using your hands for making something-discovering and embracing this way of thinking. 
And here is my poster-identity-for my Minifesto;

I think it is very obvious that I was inspired by streets-being local-and Thomas Matthews Studio a little. Therefore I absolutely share their believes and build mine on a parallel pattern. Moreover I did some research about the printing process of project this week-which is extremely important to keep it green at this point to serve the spirit of my project. So I visited some eco-friendly print centers around London and I wanted all to print a complicated image consists of vivid colors. Thus I find out that vegetable-based ink gives very bad results-because after a while it started to spread and messed all the work. So a supplier a met by chance told me that the most environment friendly ink is the "silver ink" and it definitely gives the best results with printing. And I will use-unfortunately thin-card board for the cover of my book and recycled paper for the rest of the pages. With this approach I can save up %70 of the embodied energy of a piece of a print.

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