Sunday, 21 November 2010

Design Research Methods: Task 5: My Observations On V&A Trip

Firstly I want to indicate that Victoria and Albert Museum was one of the most impressive places I have ever seen since I came to London. I believe the museum was the biggest museums I have seen and it really surprises me that the way they combine so many themes in one building. Before we visited V&A, the posters of the current exhibitions catch my attention at the tube and streets. I really admire the strong design of the posters and wondering where was the place so I was quiet happy when I find out that we are going to visit the place. Also the structure of the building and the lovely garden with a cafe fulfil my expectations when I was wondering around. Therefore we visited two exhibitions at that day and I want to write about both of them, which are mainly: Shadow Catchers and, 20th Century.

Shadow Catchers was a very interesting exhibition on Camera-less Photography. Before visiting this exhibition I wasn't familiar with this term, which really grabs my attention now. I was very amazed when I saw how the artists create such strong images without a real camera, or clarity. I am not a huge fan of surrealism, or abstract images, so I was a little prejudgemental about the art of the Shadow Catchers however I find the images at the exhibition very direct, original and narrative. And the conflict between the real photography and camera-less photography appeal to me. Instead of photography, showing what has never really existed is a very extraordinary idea. All five of the artists have very different backgrounds, ages and methods of working, though the images they created were in a perfect harmony with each other.

Adam Fuss, invocation, 1992
Originally the artist influenced me the most was Adam Fuss. I find his artwork more positive comparing the other artists. Maybe it is because of his color choices or the scopes he prefers to treat like life and death. Therefore image of the baby was the most beautiful statement of birth I can ever imagine.

Floris Neusüss, Untitled, Kassel, Germany, 1967
While I was watching the video about the artists at the exhibition, Fuss mentioned that if we wouldn't create we would die. I find those words very moving and inspiring. Thus I also admire the work of Floris Neusüss very much. The shadows he created with real people were unbelievable. And I was quiet surprised when I see the dates on the artwork. How he imagined such unlike techniques in 1950s. However I like his work better on the brochures better when it was combines with typography. I guess seeing just the shadows and the absence of the models make me feel empty some how and a little scared. 

Gary Fabian Miller, Petworth Window, 13 February 2000

Besides I was stuck with admiration when I saw the blurry image, Petworth Window of Garry Fabian Miller. And when I read the footnote which says that was originally a painting of Turner and the only image that he can see from his deathbed I was petrify for a second. How an amazing man who values every single minute of his life even in his deathbed. I believe Turner is a real artist and Miller find a perfect subject to refer to.

The second exhibition we visited was 20th Century, which was a permanent exhibition. I also like this one very much because you can observe the evolution of design until 20th Century on one floor. It was so amazing to see how mankind develop different designs for the same objects over the years. And when I notice the editorial work of students, I just feel jealous. It is because I also love books and making artwork for book covers very much. Consequently I enjoyed our trip to the V&A. The museum was beautiful, Hyde Park was lovely and the weather was warm that day! I love being in London, such a city full with art and design and I want to value every second.

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