Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Business for Design: Task 3: A Revision of My Mood Board

Firstly I want to write about an object that describes me the best. It is not really an object but I think what explains me best it writing, text and typography. Because as you can observe I write a lot and that is the way I express myself the best. Therefore I decided that my sketch book-which mainly consists on my notes- is a perfect object for describing me. Moreover I finally manage to put together some images for my Mood Board. This time have made my homework better and instead of rushing it I make a research on the idea of a Mood Board-because ı feel like I didn't get it very clearly last time and after looking at some examples I notice that worked more easily on it. Thus I like this one because it is modern, and I believe it really represents me and the level of my skills. The skull in the middle refers to my imagination and the world because of its color-blue. Consequently I hope that it is more convenient than the former attempts of mine.

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