Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Business for Design: Task 2: Developing Design Concepts

ThatsIt Graphic Design Working for that concept was quiet hard for me. I give a lot of thought on the process and after many experiments I decided to use my own handwriting for the identity. Therefore my handwriting can describe me the best. But I didn't wanted to use it like a logotype so I basically use it more like a pattern. And when I was working on the corporate identity, I use orange color that I decided at the fist stage-its my favorite color- and I designed a business card to show how it works. Consequently I am very happy with the results. I have never thought that I might like this concept, but now its my favorite. According to me it's dynamic, positive and most importantly it really represents me. Moreover I combine the curvy shapes and Futura together purposely to refer the idea of versatility.

A page from my sketch book. I use that one when I was developing my concept.

That was how the type looks after a little Photoshop.

Business cards, two options and back of the card.

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