Saturday, 13 November 2010

Business for Design: Mood Board

After working a bit I decided that I'm not a mood board person! As I understand you need to set you mind free and put together images that inspire you on a idea, however I don't like set my mind free and I prefer to express my self by writing using letter forms. Eventhough it was hard for me ı tried to put together some images that I like. I really hope that I can manage to make collages that serves my goal.

This was the second Mood Board I did, but I believe that is more suitable than the other two.

In my opinion the real thing that bothers me about mood board is I can't find a proper way to put the images together, present it better. But I understand that it is important to not think to much when you are making a mood board. That's why I just put together all images that comes to my mind when I think about what I want my brand to be.

This was the first board to did, I don't know where the idea of flipping images came from, but that one is my best.

Most of the images on this board belongs to me, I think this presentation is the best way.

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