Wednesday, 6 October 2010

RSA: Student Design Awards 10/11: My Very First Task With My Point of View

My very first task as a Postgraduate student is designing a social related project for RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts) Student Design Awards. There are a lot of challenging choices in this category, such as sustainability, high quality public design and educating young people about design but I’m going to pick the “altruism/charity”. 

I’ve read all the briefs and research about all the topics and charity seems like the biggest problem of all. In such a country like Britain; recession is not an effective problem, despite of global crisis people still donate money on charities. As I observe, the reason is educational level is much higher than other countries so people can comprehend the importance of helping others. Yet business and corporations effected from global crises more than individuals, so they continue to trim donations to charitable and community work to concentrate on core profit-making activities.  

Eventually, I believe the real problem is to understand the benefits of charitable behaviour. And to assimilate the importance of charity, people should witness the harsh circumstances of famine. Because I strongly believe that charity foundations should not ask people for help, as human beings it’s our first job to help other unfortunate one’s. Therefore I am thinking on a project called “Give It up: for a Day”. I am still thinking about the framework, but so far I think about the first basis of the project that people can give up their luxuries for a day to be in unfortunate people’s shoes. For instance: cars, mobile phones, fancy dinners or expensive clothes… Anybody can survive without these kinds of luxuries in their life, just for a day. I like this idea because I did not require anything and people can join this process from all around the world. And they can make a donation to a charitable event that they pick with the money they collect in one day. As I said I’m still brainstorming about the idea so it’s just blueprint from my imagination, for now…

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