Thursday, 22 September 2011

Swapping International Organisation: Promotion Posters

Swapping International Organisation was a complex project with multiple aspects, however promotional posters played a critical role while l was building the whole concept. The key point in both posters design was to create a human-friendly approach for a newly launching organisation and capture harmony between two sections: Individual and Retail. I have designed the posters double sided in order to be environmentally friendly, they can be folded into eight B5's and create a small catalog explaining organisations big idea: collaborative consumption. The colour palette formed itself during the design process, I decided to use spot colours to underline Swapping's warm and modern spirit and I was extremely careful to carry the same illustration language on other tools of the campaign like Swapping branding and orientation booklets.

Swapping's typography was very important, in this project the illustrations are the headlines so l didn't want types to block it. To avoid this situation l choose a typeface which has a nice rhythm with the main language and l switched it a little to make it more coherent with the design. 
All in all, Swapping was a very enjoyable project to work on, and l strongly believe that it will play an important part on my portfolio. It helped me to build my own illustration style and allowed me to experiment with the shapes, colours and  characters. Most importantly, l learned how you can blend your design knowledge and get different results from experiences.

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