Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Design Project B: Experimental Design Concepts

I have been working on the design concepts, image and text research for my design project for a while. Therefore, I develop a second map to focus on my subject and two new design concepts. While I was working on my map, I tried to make it like a project plan, it is because I will use all my maps to create my sketch book at the end of the semester, so I want them all to be very organized and explanatory about my evolution. All in all, I don't want to make the same mistakes that I did with my last project, so I am taking baby steps, try to be more organized and more careful about the concept developments.

Design Project B: Mapping My Ideas: Project Structure, Vol.2
Originally, my first logotype came out of the common syllable of my motivation words: RE, so this concept is called "RE -Use, Claim, Imagine-: A Minifesto About Environment" which I find quiet playful. I like this concept, in my estimation it looks sophisticated because of the font I use, Trajan Pro and with the support of the little tree illustration at the middle it serves the spirit of my concept. Moreover, the top one is my favorite among the others, because it is the most clear and effective one. Consequently, for the text at the bottom, I choose to use Helvetica to convey the title of my book clearly to the audience.

My first concept logotype, "RE - Use, Claim, Imagine - A Minifesto About Environment".
 My second concept is a little bit more plain. I use the icons to create the logotype and since the concepts name is "Design For Nature", I choose to a mouse and a tree icon. Therefore, the bottom one is my favorite yet I am presenting all my final experiments to show my process. In contrast to the first concept, I believe I am not quiet done and I can still improve this second logos to carry them to another level.

My second concept logotype, "Design For Nature- A Manifesto About Environment".

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