Monday, 21 February 2011

Business for Design: ViaGrafic Company Promotion

During this week, I have been trying to define and create communication strategies for my company. Therefore, I picked up one of the business cards that I have experimented past weeks and worked on the layout for the company's formal letter presentation. As usual I tried to make the design as simple as possible to be in a harmony with business card's layout and of course my logotype. While I was experimenting the look and thinking about the ways to eliminate the waste of excessive paper, I thought that I can print my formal letters on a recyclable and a little bit more thick paper, make the printing double sided and fold one piece of paper in order to use it as an envelope when I need to send the letters somewhere. I strongly believe that this solution will give my letters a different touch and help my company to be more environmental friendly which is a very important matter for me.

ViaGrafic corporate identity, Vol.1

How the letterheads going to function as envelopes.

Moreover, this approach create a lovey harmony among my business card design and letterheads. If this design concept will function and get the approval I expected, I will work on the resume design, folder design, CD cover design, and of course my business plan to bring together my folder. Consequently, I am happy with the results of this concept so far, hope it creates the same effect for everyone.

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