Friday, 5 November 2010

On Matt Marsh Speech: Making New Stuff Is Tricky!

The speech we listened today was very inspiring for me. I really admire Matt Marsh and I can't help my self to play the video over and over again. He was talking about "Putting the proposition at the beginning" and I couldn't agree more about that. Because finding an idea that works gives the designer enough time to processing and making it perfect. All those ideas make me think about my RSA project and some questions raised in my head:
  • What I need to express by my project?
  • What kind of interactions I need to offer?
And I certainly want my project to be people-shaped, so instead of working on small details I should think more on my proposition for this project.

This is the first map of the speech. Walk&Talk.

This is the second-my favorite-map.

The third map of the Observing and Analysing User Behaviour.

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