Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Business for Design: Continue with My Design Concept Development

Any Ideas: Design Solutions Firstly I want to write more about my inspirations on this concept. While I was thinking about Any Ideas my intention was to create something without a logo, just with a basic, vintage and legible typeface. That make me think about old computer games, and the basic, square typefaces of late 80's from Super Mario or Street Fighters. Therefore I find those images very simple and playful and I strongly believe those games are still a link between my generation.

An example of what inspires me and my solutions.
However I had some problems with the legibility and weight of my design. So after considering carefully I decided to create a font family (Thin, medium and bold) to support my design and I use Design Solutions with the same font to create an integrity. Moreover I feel the need to change the location of the Design Solutions and put it under the logo to separate them. I believe the question mark completes the square and the weight of the typeface is equal and proportional. After working on the font family and separating design from the sub-title, I feel the design is more successful than old version so I started to expand my experiment and instead of fixing the existing problems I started to search on new inspirations and created a couple of different versions of my work. Eventually I like this logo and I am happy with my results so far.

Font family of my design.

All the weight and prepositions are explained below.

A small experiment about patterns.

After changing the locations of the letters the logo is still legible but I have some problems with the location of the sub-title.

24: Full-Time Design Solutions For my second concept, the challange was to create a balance between the logo and the typeface. So instead of changing the typeface I decided to use dynamic shadows to compensate the elements of my design in an equal way. For creating that effect I use a little bit mathematics and state a "X" lenght and use this and its doubles for each space on my design. That way I eliminate the need of using perspective on my typeface and increase its legible.

The application of my design.

With the new solution it is easier to read the sub-title.

Besides, I worked on this business card to show how my design works on different environments. And according to my experiments it is possible to use it in variety of forms and subjects. Therefore I am happy with the results again but I am still working and experimenting.

An experimental business card for my corporate identity.

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