Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Business for Design: Task 2: Developing Design Concepts

From the company names I listed in my previous post I selected three of them and started working on logotypes via design concepts. My first step was defining who am I as designer and think about my style and how to reflect it. And it was extremely important for me to be clear about what I wanted to refer with my design, because I didn't wanted to make something meaningless. When people looked at my brand's logo they should get an idea about my position as a designer. After a weekend full with sketching and thinking, I hope l manage to create something different for them. The images below are still basics, I am working to improve them and experiment how they work in different environments.

A small experiment to see how my logo system responds to different cases.

Any Ideas: Design Solutions While working on this logo my goal was to create something that can fit in a square to make it look a bit like an old school signboard. And I don't want to use existing fonts like I always do in order to make the design more unique. I learn that using a different typeface can help my brand to locate it in people's minds a part from other design studios. I really like this blocky, geometric shape and I hope that this vintage concept would refer to that same spirit of the 80s, pixel shaped computer typefaces.

24, Fulltime Design Solutions Originally, I designed this logo for my self, to have some material to sketch with but more time I spent on it I started to like the light, fast, energetic image so I decided to use it. While I was working on it, my originating point was a clock and minute hand's crosswise position on the surface. Because I didn't want to use a clock image in my design in order to make it more thought provoking and I am not a fan of using images in logo design. So I used the crosswise position in my design to make the typeface more kinetic.

Variations of the logo with different design concepts.
When I was experimenting the logo's response to the different environments, I observe that the color pink creates a conflict with the kinetic move of the design, which really intrigues me. Because in despite of the disparity, there is the harmony of two ideas lying there, that are speed and playing. In my opinion this color gives my a bit aggressive looking design a playful image. Therefor, I am just discovering that play is a key factor of a successful work.

Thatsit Design Solutions I really love this name however, I am well aware that in the same time it may refer a negative meaning too so I was extremely sensitive when I was working on the logo in order to give a positive impression. In my opinion it still requires a bit more research about its shape. I wanted to fit both words in one context to make it shorter and simpler, and I believe bright colors can support my case about positivity. However I still feel like I should add something more unique to locate it in a different position among other design brands. But so far I am happy with my progress and this is just the outline of my work.

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