Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Business for Design: Task 1: Naming a Creative Business

Here are my list of ideas for a creative business:
Any Ideas ? I just love this question, it represents a brand which is open minded about new ideas, solutions and collaboration, as naming the business "Any Ideas ?" I am asking this question to everyone, appreciating every opinion. According to me It's simple, positive and it suggests the team spirit to everyone whose interested can be a part of the concept. Can be used like: www.anyideas.com
Advertising Space This name is inspired by Robbie Williams's song which is one of my favorites. Can be used like: www.advertisingspace.com or www.adspace.com
DOT I came up with this name because in my mind it refers to the last point of design. Nothing better. Can be used like: www.dot.com or www.dotagency.com or www.dot
Point Graf 
Negative Space 
Creative Business Nobody use this clear and functional name for a design agency before.
File New Design! Feels energetic and sounds like Ready - Go!
New Layer Design Studio
24 or Full-Time Graphics This names refers how diligent and energetic my company is and I think "24" can show clients how committed l am. Can be used as: www.24.com or www.24design.com or www.fulltimegraphics.com
CMYK I would like to use CMYK color mode as a business name because making a logotype or a corporate identity for this name would be so much fun. Also it is interdisciplinary so most people would know the meaning and in another sense it would refer to variety and option. Can be used like: www.cmyk.com or www.cmykdesign.com and microsites can be named as www.rgb.com
High Resolution or 1080 I like this name because it is involved with the graphic design context and the word "High" has a positive meaning in people's minds. Can be used like: www.highresolution.com or www.1080.com
Exposure Design Studio or Expo Design It can be used as www.expodesign.com or www.expods.com

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