Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Design Project B: Publishing and Design Authorship: Mapping Vol.1

I am extremely happy and excited about Design Project's second topic, authorship. It is because I love books and typographic book layouts are one of the reasons that I choose graphic design to study. Therefore I created a map to clarify my ideas about the subject of my book. While I was thinking about the concepts I decided to put my personal interests in the middle to make this book a more respective project. In this manner I divided my personal interests into three sections which are mainly; Inspire Me: Great Design Icons is a conceptual project, Mini-Festo is a design manifesto, which I have always wanted to start and finally Small Treasures / Guilty Pleasures is about packaging and sustainability. Moreover I divided each section into four to investigate and present my ideas clearly. At this point choosing my concept as early as possible is crucial for me, because all my concepts require lots of research and image collecting. In order to keep up my calendar I need to decide my concept, expand my maps and start to write the outline texts of my book.

Publishing and Design Authorship: Mapping Vol.1

Eventually, I love all three of the concept, I put a lot of thought on each one and I think they are all flexible, easily improvable and conceptual however my best concept among those three is the minifesto. Therefore I really want to collect and organise all the information that I have learned so far, unfortunately I believe it might be quiet challenging to write one, but I willing to try and I will do my best about it. All in all, I can't wait to pick a topic to start my research and concept developments.

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