Sunday, 27 February 2011

Business for Design: ViaGrafic Corporate Identity And Website

I finished my final adjustments with ViaGrafic corporate identity. I didn't change the general outlines of the concept, the only small difference is the lightening icon that I add to the business card and the back of the letterhead. I believe this icon makes my concept a little bit more playful and since it is quiet small it doesn't effects the seriousness of the letterhead. In order to keep up with my schedule, I need to finish the final adjustments of the corporate identity as fast as possible, to start writing my business plan and design my folder. All in all, I love the color combination, general layout and the icons that I've used for this concept, so I am happy with the progress.

The final look of ViaGrafic's corporate identity.

Therefore, I tried to make the website in a harmony with the general concept. The lightening icon inspired my while I was working on the business cards. In this manner, I decided to work around this icon, so I use it in the middle and quiet big comparing the size at the business card. At the home page the menu is around the lightening, when the page opens all the options are red, but when mouse approaches the options they change color and became black, so it's basically a very simple roll-over effect.

The home page of ViaGrafic website.

For ViaGrafic's website I wanted to design a special contact page, so I decided that when a user clicks the text on the home page this light box can open, and allow users to send e-mails to the company. As a user I truly don't like when you click an e-mail address the way that it opens the computers mail application, so a simple light box won't slow down the user's computer, won't open your own e-mail and it is more coherent with my corporate identity.

The contact page of ViaGrafic website.

So the website has a certain layout, and obviously the middle part is editable and the rest of the design is stable and doesn't changes with different pages. Since I have a certain layout, it is going to be easy for me to add new pages or make small differences. For the archive page, I decided to use my portfolio as small icons to color the page a little, and I like the result of this approach. Also in this page when the mouse comes on a work, it will change color.

The archive page of ViaGrafic website.

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