Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Business for Design: ViaGrafic Business Cards

After deciding my typeface as ViaGrafics, I started experimenting business cards, and how my logo looks on them. Therefore, I came up with four very simple concepts, however I am still working on them. I believe my other business card design attempts failed because I didn't do enough research, and I didn't have much knowledge about the priority between the informations on the card. But this time I did my task, flick through many design books for some inspiration and information, and on try to keep everything as simple as possible.

The first concept for ViaGrafic.

While I was working on my concepts, the first thing I have checked was how they looked on black and white. Then I tried the colors and some small differences. At this concept, I love the way the mouse hangs from the logo type, according to me it gives the card a playful side and makes the typography more dynamic.

The second concept for ViaGrafic.
To value the empty space on my business card in a better way, I decided to came up with some slogans for my company, ViaGrafic. So I develop those two; "Multidisciplinary Design Studio For Visual Communication" and "Loud Digital Craft". Moreover, I believe the phrase "digital craft" can give a very strong impression to the audience and tells so much about how meticulous, hand-crafted, and hardworking my company is going to be.

The third concept for ViaGrafic.
So at the second and the third concepts I decided to develop some icons to identify my company more efficiently. So I create a mouse and a heart which stands for my love for the graphic design, and a combination of a speech bubble, the same mouse and a pencil. Therefore those three icons stands for my motto "Loud Digital Craft". Moreover, the lightening icon at the third concept was the first icon that I have ever drawn, that's why it is a part of me and I believe it is quiet suitable for a design agency.

So far my last concept for ViaGrafic.

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